The Ultimate Action Figure Auction

Join us Thursday August 13 at 8pm EST for our live broadcast event hosted by April Rose and featuring Justice Cury and “Motu Joe” Teague as we watch the final minutes of each auction that will raise funds to support the Children’s Health Foundation.


1. Jabba’s Sail Barge (The Khetanna)

Over four feet long and more than a foot wide, Jabba’s sail barge was part of Haslabs first crowdsourcing effort. Originally costing $500 US dollars, with less than 10,000 made, this is a must-have piece for Star Wars collectors, in particular. While fairly new, it’s already incredibly collectible, hard to find and goes for hundreds of dollars above the original retail price.

2. Star Wars Cantina Adventure Set

The Star Wars Cantina Adventure Set was a Sears exclusive playset and came with the incredibly rare “Blue Snaggle Tooth” who was supposed to be shorter than the standard figure size. Blue Snaggle Tooth and the Cantina Adventure Set are the kind of action figure collectibles that transcend Star Wars collectors and certainly part of a lot of people’s Holy Grail lists.

3. U.S.S. Flagg

The G.I.Joe U.S.S.Flagg Aircraft Carrier is enormous and extends beyond seven feet in length. It comes with the Admiral Keel-Haul action figure, and also features a working microphone play feature. It’s highly sought after but near-impossible to find one that’s complete but this one has a box in decent condition.

4. Castle Grayskull

This is the holy grail for any Masters of the Universe Classics collectors! The castle is very rare and a very sought after piece.

5. Skeletor

Released in 1982 as part of the Masters of the Universe line, and then reissued in subsequent waves later, the mayor of Snake Mountain, Skeletor might be the most sought-after action figure villain of all time, next to Darth Vader. He symbolizes the embodiment of death, fear and his popularity rivals the line’s main character, He-Man. He’s always collectible and a great addition to any collection.

6. Yak Face

Yak Face was the last vintage Star Wars figure ever made. He was original only sold in Europe and Canada and some believe there were so many created, but demand was so limited that Kenner destroyed a lot of the inventory. He’s highly collectible, hard to find and appeals to almost all action figure collectors.

7. Ecto-1

Released in 1986, Ecto 1 was the Hero vehicle for the Ghosbusters and is as important to the line as the Batmobile is to Batman. Despite a lack of play features, and several similar re-releases, this is fairly collectible and finding it with a box or sealed in a box makes for incredible find.

8. Optimus Prime

Hitting the shelves in 1984 and coming back fairly frequently every few years, Optimus Prime is beyond popular, regardless of the iteration. The original toy has a few variations including a special promotional Pepsi box and plus some reworked Diaclone overstock figures. He’s always a popular piece and constantly in-demand.

9. Megatron

Released in’ 84, Megatron caused an uproar with parents as they didn’t like their kids playing with a gun and shooting things! As such Megatron disappeared from retail for a time but was available as a mail away piece too. This controversy makes Megatron a very collectible toy which saw far fewer re-issues than his Autobot counterpart, Optimus Prime.

10. She-Ra

Released in 1985 as part of Mattel’s Princess of Power line, aimed at young girls, She-Ra was the main character and like many similar lines, Prince of Power emphasized hair accessories and clothing. He-Man’s twin sister definitely has the power of collectability!